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HIPAA compatible medical transcription service

HIPAA compatible medical transcription service
HIPAA compatible medical transcription service

HIPAA compatible medical transcription service

Medical transcription tasks are jobs that healthcare companies outsource more widely and aim to speed up the processing of medical records in a very cost-effective and timely manner. With developed countries like the US UU., The UK and Australia outsourcing their medical transcription (MT) jobs, the workload of staff working in hospitals, clinics, long-term care centers and Acute medical centers in these countries have been significantly reduced. Today, using Internet support, the outsourcing of medical transcription plays a key role in the timely processing of medical records for patient care and insurance claims processing. Medical transcription services being provided in accordance with the standards prescribed by the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) promulgated by the US Congress in 1996, health care providers who outsource medical transcription work now, they guarantee the confidentiality and security necessary for data concerning the health of their patients.

Factors that favor the outsourcing of transcription jobs are the availability of cheap labor and skilled graduates in developing countries such as India and the Philippines. The response time to send finished works is also minimal in these countries. The majority of graduates working in these TM firms are science and medicine graduates who speak English from the United States and the United Kingdom. Using state-of-the-art technologies, health care transcription facilities operating in these countries can greatly help health care providers realize significant savings in terms of money and time.

The outsourcing of medical transcription services has the following main advantages:

o Healthcare companies will have more time to focus on their basic health services.
o Less investment in expensive infrastructure
o Documentation of medical records with high quality and accuracy.
o Uninterrupted availability of 24-hour service
o Faster processing of medical records.

To be competitive in the field, most medical transcription service providers have employed highly skilled and experienced transcriptionists. To have a faster workflow, high speed Internet facilities with backup copies of equipment, technicians and transcriptionists are also made available to these companies. To ensure the accuracy of medical records, most MT service providers have reviewers, quality analysts, and editors who can guarantee accuracy of almost 98 to 99 percent in the medical records processed.

As part of the coverage of all sectors of the healthcare industry, most HIPAA medical transcription service providers also have related services, such as billing and medical coding. With the personalized medical assistance solutions available in most MT service providers, all the requirements of healthcare companies can now be met for cost-effective, time-limited and quality services.

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Pharmaceutical call centers

Pharmaceutical call centers: a lever to differentiate yourself from the competition
Pharmaceutical call centers: a lever to differentiate yourself from the competition

Pharmaceutical call centers: a lever to differentiate yourself from the competition
This article provides a clear view of how the new approach of pharmaceutical call centers works.

These contact centers process the services of the medicine marketed by the right of pharmaceutical companies to collect and collate adverse events, provide product information, receive product claims, conduct market studies and surveys. Customer satisfaction with the products, help with the purpose / recruitment and retention of patients in clinical trials on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and clinical research. Pharmaceutical companies benefit greatly from this process, as they could focus more on their core business.

Multidisciplinary team

The multidisciplinary team of health professionals ranges from pharmacists, nurses, doctors to certified health workers. Only experienced and trained personnel with specialized skills can handle all kinds of consultations 24 hours a day. Scalable equipment and services that interact seamlessly with medical, regulatory and scientific services can meet all your needs.

Experienced and trained executives with specialized skills handle all types of consultations 24 hours a day. Therefore, to provide a perfect interface with medical and scientific regulation services, pharmaceutical care centers will hire all professionals from multiple disciplines, pharmacists, nurses, doctors and certified health workers.

Creation: first impression

Contact centers contracted by different pharmaceutical / biotechnology manufacturers / device manufacturers / CROs and other health care providers create a positive first impression and maintain good relationships with professionals to serve clients and expedite their access to medical care. quality health

Keep: good relationship between the client and his valuable staff

Services provide value to customers by offering them compassion through a precise response system, transmitting all responses more quickly, easily and with added value.

Looking to the future: giving solutions

Contact centers can also solve specific medical / scientific questions about online products that help different stakeholders. Any information about the product, the possession of this information will allow contact centers to serve their customers and themselves more effectively.

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The power of broccoli

The power of broccoli NRF2 system and cellular protection
The power of broccoli NRF2 system and cellular protection

The power of broccoli

NRF2 system and cellular protection Smoking, inflammation, grilled meat, sunlight and oxygen have one thing in common: they evoke free radicals and other highly reactive substances inside the body, substances that damage our cells . This is probably one of the main reasons we are getting older!

Cell damage also contributes to diseases such as atherosclerosis, stroke, asthma, heart attack, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

Our cells are protected against free radicals and other reactive substances thanks to a complete battery of enzymes, called Nrf2 system. Unfortunately, this system does not work optimally, but should be encouraged to provide adequate protection. More vegetables, if harvested at the right time, contain substances (phytonutrition) that stimulate the protection of cell radicals. In the past, several plant phytonutrients such as broccoli (Sulphorafan), turmeric (curcumin) and garlic (allicin) have been identified. They work hard to stimulate the Nrf2 system and, as a result, can protect against cancer and other diseases. These stimulating phytonutrients Nrf2, and not antioxidants such as vitamin C or beta-carotene, are probably the beneficial effects of eating many fruits and vegetables.

The brief stimulation of Nrf2 that is obtained by eating broccoli or similar vegetables, which leads to an enhanced stimulation of protection against cell radicals for about 24 hours. In addition, the brief repeated stimulation of Nrf2 leads to a general increase in protection against radicals. With a regular intake of phytonutrition stimulating Nrf2, it is possible to increase the protection against radicals. Animal studies also show that the activity of the Nrf2 system decreases with age, but that it is still possible to increase the activity by stimulation by phytonutrition. Therefore, it is possible to rejuvenate the radical protection by eating broccoli sprouts.

More and more studies point out that the protection against disease brought on by a high consumption of fruits and vegetables (the effect of broccoli), is caused by the ability to induce phytonutrition that provides long-term radical protection in our cells thanks to the Nrf2 transcription factor. very different from an antioxidant intake such as vitamin C, which disappears from the body after about two hours, then leaves our cells unprotected.

Nrf2 acts as a molecular switch for the body’s own defense system against free radicals and oxidative stress. By targeting phytonutrition against Nrf2, the system is activated and many protective mechanisms are adopted.

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Why do we need vitamins?

Why do we need vitamins

Why do we need vitamins?

The name Vitamin comes from a Polish biochemist who called vitamins the amino acids of life (vit = life, amine = amino acid). Vitamins are organic compounds that the body needs for metabolic processes. These are substances that must be provided from outside, whether through diet or supplements. The body is manufactured alone, among others, vitamin B-3, vitamin D and vitamin K.

The best source of vitamins is a balanced diet and then supplements with ingredients of natural origin. Today, most dietary supplements are sold with synthetic derived vitamins. (Natures of Scandinavia has produced supplements in natural sources according to the GMP standard). Vitamins are divided into two main groups, fat soluble and water soluble.

For fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A, beta-carotene, D, E and K. are considered. In general, the following characteristics are common:
• deposited in adipose tissue and the liver and body remove them as necessary
• rare deficiency states
• excreted by feces
• may cause side effects in high doses for a long period of time
• The best sources of fat-soluble vitamins are vegetable fats, vegetable oils, vegetables, meat, liver, butter, fish and egg yolks.
• Force frequently reported in International Units (IU)

Vitamin B and vitamin C are considered water soluble vitamins. The following general characteristics apply to the following:
• occur in body fluids, serum, plasma and in fluids between cells
• stored in small quantities, therefore, a large daily supply, and deficiency diseases are more common
• is excreted in the urine
• harmless to the body, even in high doses, when excess is excreted in the urine
• It is found in fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products.
• units of measure expressed in micrograms or milligrams

It is important in everyday life to make the body an optimal source of vitamins, and you will notice an increase in energy and a general improvement in health.

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Obama Care is not the end of medical care in the United States

better idea
To get a better idea of ​​the future cost, you should look at Massachusetts. Massachusetts has the highest level of health care coverage in the country,

ObamaCare is not the end of medical care in the United States
As apocalypse day of medical care approaches (October 1, 2013), those who are for and against ObamaCare seek time in the media. October 1, 2013 is the opening of state and federal markets. I had to ask myself: “Will the American health care system stop because millions of uninsured Americans will collapse on the market servers and those lucky enough to take out health insurance will take all appointments available from health care providers “. For all those who fear the end of medical care as we know it, do not worry; shortly, if anything will happen on October 1, 2013 for the average American. I can not say as much about the people at HHS and the state capitals building the system. First, the newly insured health insurance policies will not be implemented until January 1, 2014. Regarding the large influx of servers, many believe that the rush will take place later in the year. Americans should wait and see the attitude. In addition, the amount of marketing and training expenses under the Low Cost Healthcare Act is not enough to cause a sensation. Most likely, health insurance companies will be the ones heard on the air to explain their policies and try to persuade uninsured people to choose them when they go to the health insurance market. The easiest way to find out what your political options are or the financial impact of ObamaCare is to go to Healthcare.gov. Helthcare.gov will identify which programs or discounts you and your family meet. If your state has a state insurance exchange, Healthcare.gov will direct you to your state’s insurance market.

When insurance markets are open, the media describes it as a chaotic disaster and they are probably right. It will take a while for things to work properly, but remember this. If you are currently receiving insurance from an employer with 50 or more employers, nothing happens, with the exception of the additional benefits you received with ObamaCare. Such as: your children can stay in their insurance up to 26 years, plus paid health services, no lifetime limit on insurance coverage, etc. If you work for a small business, work alone or pay for your own insurance, nothing changes, but you should visit the health insurance market (Healthcare.com) and see if you qualify for a better policy or even a refund. By the way, if you are entitled to a refund, do not run to the mailbox in search of a check. The refund goes to the insurance company to reduce your premium.

I hear the sighs of those who say that my insurance will increase by 150%. This could happen, but CBO’s analysis of the law determined that the average premiums for people would be 10 to 13% higher because of the law. It will take a year or two to know the impact of the law. To get a better idea of ​​the future cost, you should look at Massachusetts. Massachusetts has the highest level of health care coverage in the country, with over 98% of its residents receiving health insurance, but ranks 48th among the states in terms of health expenditures.

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